Restore your smile quickly and forever!

A woman being fitted for a dental crownHave a chipped, cracked or broken tooth? Need a crown? At Silver State Smiles in Las Vegas, you can restore your beautiful smile without delay. In fact, using precision technology, state-of-the-art materials and advanced methods, we can create a beautiful, natural-looking crown!

A beautiful, comfortable crown—guaranteed for life!

With a Forever Crown™ from Silver State Smiles, your new crown will look great, resist chipping and provide greater comfort than you’d expect from a traditional crown.

Your new crown is guaranteed for life! If you experience any issue with your Forever Crown, we’ll make you a new one. The only requirement for a Forever Crown with our lifetime guarantee is that you stay current with your dental visits—coming in for your regularly scheduled exams, X-rays and cleanings—and any necessary treatments. Compare this to the typical five-year guarantee on workmanship for traditional crowns.

The skill, capabilities and commitment behind beautiful, lasting smiles.

At Silver State Smiles, we’re able to expedite your custom crown—and guarantee it for life—because we:

  • Have leading-edge technology that enables us to design and create a precise, natural-looking crown
  • Use state-of-the-art materials that look natural and are durable and long-lasting
  • Have our own dental laboratory with dental technicians who combine experience with superior artistry and craftsmanship
  • Are committed to excellence and stand behind our work

Greater comfort and less risk of problems.

In addition to a lifetime-guarantee, your Forever Crown is more comfortable than traditional crowns. It also is less likely to cause problems with your gum tissue. With advanced materials, your new crown will not cause inflammation or allergic reactions. And with the increased precision our methods provide, a Forever Crown requires less reduction of the tooth over which it is installed, giving you optimal comfort.

To learn more about our same-visit, lifetime-guaranteed Forever Crowns, or to schedule an appointment, call Silver State Smiles today at 702-957-1045 or use our convenient online form.